She was a joy to work with. She has great insights that helped me improve the quality of the manuscript. Her commitment to excellence and her willingness to put in extra effort resulted in a partnership that went beyond my expectations. I highly recommend her and look forward to partnering with her on future books.

      -  Warren Mueller, author of Truth Seeker: Mormon Scriptures & The Bible

You were quite instrumental in crafting my story into something better.  You were able to come up with ways to make it stronger…helped strengthen areas of weakness and by going over the story edit a few times, made me think of additions. I thought you were great in finding the errors that I had and were more than willing to allow what I wanted in the story as character flaws/ideals.

     -   William Adams, author of Daddy’s Little Dancer

I had a great experience with Heather as my editor and would recommend her to anyone looking for an editor who takes the time needed to do the job well. She was extremely helpful to me when I had no idea what to do. She always kept in touch and I am so happy with the results. I plan on keeping in touch with her and hope to have more for her to do soon. 

     -      Tim Curran, author of The Easy Mile

You were responsive and thorough. Through the editing and then the cutting process (to decrease the total word count), you worked closely with me to make sure I was comfortable with the suggestions and was open to my counters. I felt like we were a team.

    -   Dawn Lajeunesse, author of Autumn Colors

H.E. Saunders is a wordsmith, building creative words of art to pleasure the lives of all that read.

       -   Angelina Hunt, founder of Aatheart Life, Love and Parent Coaching

Working with you was wonderful! Our company's focus in the area of insurance and securities education is certainly not an easy one to jump into, but you caught on very quickly and were able to understand the once-foreign material to the degree of being highly effective and efficient throughout your editing process. Your work has left a lasting impact on the development of new products. For instance, being able to work together and create a book to establish the course text standards has made all the difference in the quality of our products. To this day, I still bring out the standards book we created to guide others on the proper way to create/edit our course text. I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into the finished products. Your contribution has helped the company grow immensely and we are sincerely grateful for that.

   -   Contract Client, Insurance and Securities Educational Materials