A proofread is the review of current galley proofs against a manuscript or previous version. This includes reviewing to ensure all corrections were implemented, no new errors were introduced, and the proof adheres to specific style specifications. Print-ready pages are evaluated for formatting (kerning, widows, orphans, hyphen ladders, awkward hyphenation breaks, etc.), cross references, and any textual errors.




A copyedit corrects errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, syntax, clarity, and flow throughout while ensuring voice and original meaning are preserved. Tables, figures, graphs, charts, and equations are reviewed for internal consistency and against the text. When a document has multiple authors, the file is revised for overall consistency and cohesiveness as well as to ensure foreign author material is translated correctly. Further, the file is edited to adhere to your chosen style guide (CMOS, CSE, AMA, etc.); please include specific guides if available.