Heather E. Saunders

Proofreader & STEM/Medical Editor

Hello! It’s great to meet you. Let me introduce myself. I’m a proofreader and STEM/medical editor.

The right words make all the difference and finding them is what I do.

With an education in and passion for the sciences, I use my years of journalistic training and editorial expertise to address even the most complex and technical subjects with precision and clarity.

With two graduate degrees and years of experience, I am an expert. 

In my 15 years of experience, I’ve edited everything from newsroom copy and fiction novels to technical aeronautics journals and cutting-edge medical training material. I work with publishers, journals, authors, academics, companies, and medical and scientific professionals to ensure final documents are clean, clear, and communicative. 

As a writer and content developer, I understand the process.

I am passionate about engaging with writers, other editors, and content creators to expand their skills and deepen their knowledge. I teach on editing, freelancing, and science communication at national conferences, boot camps, and local events. I regularly contribute to Copyediting and am an Executive Committee member for ACES: The Society for Editing.

With deep editorial knowledge and passionate focus, I am your partner.

Whatever your project needs, we'll work together to ensure your final project is precisely what you envisioned.